1997 Chevy s10 stepside




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6in lift kit, high performance custom tractor stack exhaust, 33x12.50 tires on 15x8 American racing rims,custom military paint job with tractor paint as bedliner, custom welded front bumper, bullet bottle opener hanging from the rear view & bullet tire caps

Build story

I'm 19 and just joined the army, hooah!, But before that I bought this truck for $500 off Craigslist with only 1st and 2nd gear after my first truck got totaled (also may or may not have been $500 originally) . I wanted to make it a military tribute since I wanted to join after I finished high school. I worked on it every night for about two years straight to get to this point, I went though everything the motor,tranny, suspension,bed, just about everything was fucked on this truck when I bought it half of the truck came from Rock Auto, including the front end since this truck was also hit but not enough to twist the frame. the exhaust was half missing and my dad's old tractor exhaust from the 806 was sitting in the corner of the garage and we got the bright idea of making it fit the truck, had to keep the fuckin mint flapper too. I worked at a CNC shop after school and all of my paycheck went into this truck. Now it's the baddest s10 on the block back home.


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