1980 Chevy G20 Van




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-You don't need A/C \r
-You don't need a Heater\r
-Replaced the crapped out van transmission and replaced it with a minty thm 350 from a '76 Chevy Pickup. \r
-Put my reverse lights on a backlit switch.\r
-Better cooling fan\r
-Installed a Extra Heavy Duty Hayden Transmission Fluid Cooler. I used some zip ties to keep all the lines away from the spinney bits.\r
-Cobbled the power steering together from a saginaw pump out of a 1983 Dodge Ram Van, Reservoir is a crappy cheap unit, the Low pressure metal line coming from steering box I pulled off a '90 Chevy Camaro and cut to fit, and the pulley is a double groove off a '78 Chevrolet Elcamino only using one groove.\r
-Cheap Monroe shocks all original suspension. You don't need suspension.\r
-Meep Meep Horn from a 1997 Toyota Camry\r
-All of the plastic stuff they called a grill and headlamp covers in 1980 crumbled over time so I eventually just tore all that sh*t off and converted the front over to the old metal 1977 bits. I had to do some sh*t cuttin' and beatin' to get it all lined up just right.\r
-Rear End is from a 1987 Chevy Van (you don't need an emergency brake) fill hole in the diff was seized so I drilled myself a filly hole and with no welding experience flux core welded an old shock nut on the pan to act as a bung and threaded a bolt in there to seal it.... f*ckin' Mint!\r
-The dash fell apart so I grabbed one out of a 1996 G20 van and cobbled my gauge set together out of 1977, 1994, and 1996 parts. \r
-Steering wheel was all sticky so I ditched it for one from a 80s Cadillac Eldorado\r
-The shifter fell off so I stuffed a 2004 GMC shifter in its place. Now its all floppy and there's a placebo "haul" button on the end. Mint.\r
-Front drivers seat is from a 1994 Dodge Van. \r
-Hubcaps are from 1977 Cadillac Deville.\r
-Legality required me to have a tag light so I just Screwed my tag directly into the door with self tappers and drilled holes to fit the light and wires.\r
-Found a minty 4x4 in the junkyard and took its old iron intake to trash my aluminum one. Threw out all the emissions stuff with it. Good thing I'm not in California or I'd get cancer XD\r
-I'm sure there's plenty I'm missin' but you get the point.\r
-Added 2004 Chevy Aveo fender turn signals in the grille and blanked off the old holes.

Build story

This was a van that got passed down from my great-grandparents, to my dad's dad, to my parents, and then to me. It lived a long life and got parked when I was in first grade (2002) smoking like hell and just sat to rot until when I was in seventh grade and decided that was the car for me. Dad gave me the keys and said "What's the worst thing you could do break it? It's yours now". Now it's fully functional and is a badass roadkill of various makes models and years of different machines from various junkyard and rides like a Cadillac on the road. I've done things to and with this machine others thought weren't possible. Early Highschool people mocked it and wondered why I wanted it. By late Highschool I had people trying to make me sell it. It's been a long journey and now It looks nothing like it did when I started and it's a loyal war rig that's always there when I need it. In 2018 it beat a kid in a '97 Toyota supra with it a couple months before the rear end sh*t its self and I replaced it with the one in it now.


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