1979 Chevy Camaro 350 4spd





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Another guy did a 350 swap and put 90s s10 wheels on her.

Build story

Bought the car in 2016 and have been slowly fixing things and learning how to wrench on it. Me and my dad loaded the thing up on a trailer with no brakes, that was safe. Shes got a gutless 73 L65 350 that someone swapped into her. Shes also got the original clutch from 1979 so that works great. I bought the car from a guy in wisconsin but shes got a Texas tag on the windshield so, shes been around. I also put in some sweet "custom" seats that are definitely not out of a junkyard cavalier. Dont look to closely at the paint, im pretty sure the guy i bought it from drunkenly sanded the roof and made sure to also sand the windows some. Oh did i mention shes a 4 speed, thats about the only redeeming quality of the car. I'd show you the horrifyingly bad backyard half kinked exhaust that someone made but its pretty traumatizing to see. Make sure to check out all the factree weight reduction and the pop riveted on hood scoop. Got alot of work left to be done but she runs and drives so it helps a guy stay motivated.


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