2006 Chevy Colorado





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LS swapped with a 5.3 out of a 2004 Silverado.

Build story

There's more videos on my YouTube channel. The engine and trans came from the junkyard complete with the wiring harness and P59 computer. The wiring harness was then modified to swap the computer to a E40 and T42 setup to keep the dash function and keep the truck street legal, and then the harness was modified to fit the factory fuse box. Most of the 4 cylinder parts from the original motor were reused to fit the V8 to save money. These include the stock drive shaft, transmission cross-member, and many of the connectors removed from the factory harness to adapt the new one. There are many mods to this that will never be noticed, with some even forgotten by me. Some of them are the OBD 2 connector has two extra pins to read and tune the trans computer. The battery tray is modified to fit a bigger battery with more CCA. The extra circuits in the fuse box for like onstar and heated seats were used for the rad fans and other new electronics. The exhaust flanges were made from gaskets that fit the pipes and traced out on flat pieces of metal. Then the pattern was cut out and welded onto the pipes. If I decide to turbo the truck or mass produce the parts it should be easier to do. I had to use 5 different wiring diagrams to wire this thing. I used the 2006 Colorado diagram and 2004 Silverado diagram to hook up the key on power and evap stuff. I used a 2006 Trailblazer diagram to match up the computer wires to the truck. A 2006 Impala diagram to wire up the 2 fans and throttle body to the computer. Finally a 2009 Colorado diagram to hook up the battery current sensor to the fuse box and computer.


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