1956 Chevy Belair




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Salvage sbc 350\r
Aftermarket wheels off craigslist\r
Lowered by cutting springs\r
Patched floors and put ducting insulation\r
Side dump pipes\r
Dual reservoir master cylinder- no power. Haha

Build story

Car was my stepdads high school car. Sat since 72. Drug it home and sat at my house for 15 years. Got inspired by YouTube's and ROADKILL. Just got started on it a few years ago and took about a year and a half. Beem driving it almost daily ever since. Needs new windshield, electric wiper motor, disc brakes would be nice and a bit lower in front. I do have a 5.3 in the garage, but collecting parts to make sure the car isn't down for a long time. My son helped build it a little bit. We are working on him a truck right now 1954 Chevy. Thanks for your time.


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