1987 Chevrolet R10




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Muffler delete. Custom blue seat belt buckle installed. Custom red paint near passenger side taillight.

Build story

This is my 1987 Chevrolet R10 affectionately known in our family as "Old Gray". It is still powered by it's original fire-breathing 305 V8. This was my wife's Grandpa's truck, originally purchased in northwest Ohio. It was passed on to my father-in-law and I purchased it from him in 2017. It is Most Factree because it is all original (except for a few tasteful mods). It has custom red paint on the passenger bed corner where it was once parked too close to a barn. What is left of the exhaust system is original, however, the factree muffler was deleted by rust about a year ago. The driver side seat belt buckle broke a few years ago and I found an OEM blue replacement in a junk yard in southern Ohio. The truck is mostly rust free except where it is just starting at the cab corners. How did our family maintain this quality factree build? It has always been taken care of and as of today, it only has 38,927 original miles. Despite the low miles and near mint condition she's no trailer queen. I still use it to haul things on occasion, loan it to good friends who need to borrow a truck, or just cruise around town for fun.


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