1953 Chevrolet Business Man's Coupe





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Original Chevrolet 235 Inline Six motor, 3-on-a-tree transmission. Rebuilt the motor and gutted the interior due to some mice living in there. Slowly working on restoring her to her former glory, mainly on the interior. Currently has outdoor patio carpet in the floors and the seats are just wrapped in bed sheets. No headliner either. Mechanically its absolutely solid. Have driven it on 3 hour trips before. Once the inside is fully restored it will eventually get swapped, either a 350 small block or an LS, time will tell!

Build story

Grew up with my grandpa owning a bunch of old cars, and my father as well. All Mopar though. I found a good deal on this Chevy and couldn't pass it up. She has slowly turned me into a Chevy guy day by day. For those that don't know or haven't heard of a Business Man's Coupe. It is basically the base model version of the Bel-Air. It was the cheap version, so it got used a lot and there aren't near as many around today as the Bel-Airs. Part of what makes it cool and unique!


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