1971 Chevrolet Shovelle




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Custom dash pad recovered with shag just because theres no other way to fix the cracks properly. Junk yard seats and hand built interior parts by this guy. Got that digical fuel make it happener on a junkyard budget built 383 SBC. Came with a free Th350 trans, might as put her in. Tubular control arms all around holding a 12 bolt with a Truetrac 3.42 gears. Lowered a just a smidge on 17s 9.5in on the rear and 8in for the tires that take you where you’re going. Headers back on Flowmaster American Thunder kit because Merica! Garage paint job, subconsciously paints it hot wheels blue...

Build story

Picked up this car when I was 18 to stay clean after sobering up from addiction. I mean who doesn’t want a Chevelle growing up with movies like Fast and furious, Doms sick wheelie. Dazed and Confused, alright, alright, alright. Saved this one from rotting in a farmers field not knowing a thing about fixing it up. Had more people tell me how stupid I was and laugh in my face then get any tips or help. Comments of “you’ll never finish that.” Or “do you even know how to fix anything.” It just Motivated me more to get it back on the road. Spent all my time taking every nut and bolt off the car. Separated the frame and body prepped and painted. Replaced and repaired sheet metal the best of my ability. Painted and repaired it in my garage with tools that saved my up pennies for. So for all the haters out there I make sure to daily it, when there isn’t snow on the ground, and put the shine to her just so it might catch you eye. Only because it’s a cool car especially with some of the classics playing over the stereo, which you usual can’t hear over that old V8 rumble.


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