1991 Chevy Silverado 2500





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Pretty much stock 3/4 ton truck, leveling kit, LED headlights and tail lights but clean for the year. I’m 17 and I just built my first motor to go in it.

Build story

The motor is a 350 Chevy smallblock. I didn’t do anything with the bottom end, as it was a budget build for me. I did buy new lifters and a Lunati Barebones 280/290 camshaft, bolted 80’s style heads on it and a Edelbrock high rise intake. As well as all new hardware. I also modified my stock TBI to suck in a little more air by porting out the bowls. As for the lights and leveling kit, I bought lights and leveling kit off of evilbay. Trying to find headers that will clear my 4x4 shaft and another flywheel. Been sick and haven’t been working. It’ll be done soon. Thank you for looking at my truck.


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