1991 Chevrolet Silverado 1500





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Replaced fuel pump, tank, front brake calipers, front springs, did a 5/7 drop, 18x9 Ridlers on the back, 17x7 Ridlers on the front, '98 GMC Grille, LED smoked tail lights, smoked park lights and corner lights, up to date headlamps, Truck is Flat grey on sides, and flat Black on top, hood, grille and tailgate. 5.7 TBI V8, 7700R4 trans, true dual exhaust, Nice little truck built originally for my son. Had been sitting for 9 years.

Build story

This was my dads truck that he had replaced due to a transmission leak. My dad is now on hospice care and he sold it to my son for $300. The left front brake caliper was stuck and we barely got it loaded on the trailer. Took it home and began working on it with my son. He stayed diligent with it until it came time for the bodywork, and he quickly grew tired of the sanding. I took over from there, and his grandfather passed away. He was left 10k in the will, and bought him another truck. I finished this one with a little help from him. Replaced entire fuel system from tank up to the TBI unit, brakes, suspension, starter, wiring, rims, tires, and lights. Interior was in remarkably good shape other than the dash.


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