1999 Chevy S10 ZR2 "Linda 2"




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bone stock

Build story

Bought it off a guy from craigslist about 8 months ago, the rad was cracked which i didnt find out about until I smelled something funny at a red light and looked down at the temp gauge and it was all the way at 260. Had to have it towed home twice, once because the fuel pump broke and once because the front brake calipers came loose while i was driving and wedged themselves in between the wheel and the bracket. Totally my fault cause i didnt tighten them down enough. I replaced vauum lines, diaphragm etc to get the 4wd working and a few other small things. Otherwise its been a normal reliable truck, i take it out in the sand every now and then, its completely stock but im proud of it. I call it Linda 2 cause my first car had that license plate on it from the previous owner who was an old lady named linda and i named the car linda, and when i sold it i kept the plate and put it on the truck along with the mailbox sticker.

My minitruck is best minitruck because it has a cool sticker and big tires


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