1996 Chevrolet C1500




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LQ4 Swap with Terminator X Max ECM, DJM 2/4 Drop, Belltech Front and Rear Sway Bars.

Build story

This is my work in progress! The truck was bought brand new in 1996 by my Grandfather and used as a farm truck until his passing in 2007. I daily drove it until 2014 and in 2019 I decided to follow the Sloppy Mechanics way and make it something better. I#039;m currently in the process of transforming it into a street monster, in addition to the 6.0L already in, the truck will be receiving a turbo and all the fuel/trans/driveline mods to support 6-700HP. The goal is a truck that runs an 11.0 in the 1/4 and then drives to get ice cream all while retaining the creature comforts like A/C. This build is being featured ongoing on our YouTube channel RedBirdAuto. This year will feature a differential swap with shorter gears and a TBSS swap with upgraded fuel system + injectors to support the future turbo. In the future after the speed mods are done, the focus will turn to the body (rusted cab corners and rockers) and an interior refresh. I'm away at work so I can't put out a ICS2021 video but check out the link and all the other videos about my truck on our channel! Thanks for your consideration!


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