1978 Chevy Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo



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14" American Racing 200S rims
stainless catback to amplify all 145 raw smog era ponies

Build story

this is my 78 Monte Carlo named Rocky, after Derek's 69 Chevelle. this was originally my dad's car, he bought it in 91 and dailied her up until about 2003. in 2018 I bought it for a whopping $350 and decided that i should probably get it roadworthy and whatnot, in early March of 2019, I got it running after just a carb kit and a change of gas. this absolute pussy wagon once delivered a blazing 145 raw wheel horsepower through a turbo 350 to the left rear tire, as well as about 240ft lbs. 78s got the infamous 305, more gutless than a drunk chicken but more reliable than a nokia phone. started on like the 5th crank after sitting for about 15 years, current plans are to just daily it until the 305 quits knocking, and then to swap in an AMC 4.0 for kicks. anyways, that's Rocky.


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