1998 Honda Accord EX coupe





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Full aftermarket exhaust system off eBay from the the motor back and coming soon 5 speed swap

Build story

My son found this car on Facebook market place. He has been looking for a motor for his car and bought it for a parts car originally but this was in better shape and a whole lot less miles then his so I talked him in to fixing it this car but it was more then what he wanted to do to it so i told id help but i ended up do the work with out him. The original owner but a ton of money in it already I believe he parked it because it needed a gas tank (which is like $700+ just for the tank) plus parts a labor it wouldn't be worth it to him so he listed the for parts. When my son brought it home it didn't run well it had no exhaust system on it someone cut the catalytic converter off of it battery was dead the idle air control valve was bad it needed a tune up and brakes on all four wheels, wheel bearing, blower motor didn't work the heater control didn't work the outside door handle was broken. But I fixed all that and driving it now Still needs some more work which is coming soon.


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