1970 chevy CST/10 pickup





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No mods just original

Build story

It was my grandpa’s he used it from time to time but then took the carb off to rebuild it and the vehicle Sat for a couple of years until me and him finished it and it was left where it had sat originaly so long it sank in the dirt so we put the carb on checked all the vitals poured in some gas changed the rubber fule lines and gave it a crank. It took a couple of trys but we got it fired up and moved it forward to the cement. Then we started it almost once every week or two just to keep it in running order. Had to get new brakes on it and brake lines so it would stop. Then it just sat and did not move from then on but we still started it every other week. Sadly in September of 2020 he died from a heart attack and the truck was left on in the drive way. I still would start it when I could and my brother would drive it around with almost no breaks. After a couple of weeks we finally decided to get the rusty truck restored. The restoration has not started yet since we are trying to find somone to do it for cheap. We have body panles for it but just no welder and any space to do it. For now some broken mechanical parts are being fixed by our local mechanic who have almost finished it. That is the story


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