1984 Chevy Suburban





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4 inch suspension lift, 1 inch body lift. Polyurethane bushings everywhere and body mounts, a bunch of off-road design goodies, like steering box brace, shackle flip kit and other suspension parts. Most everything has been gone through, what has not is going to be.

Build story

Picked it up for $500, swapped the motor for a sbc 350, started replacing everything that needed it and started driving it. Just a daily, fun having rig. No where near complete, as always lol but it is a driver. Going to be replacing the rear springs and blocks with the shackle flip to get rid of the burban sag. Rattle can lower paint job, previous owner smashed a hole in the windshield and dented the A-pillar, so a guy put some gorilla tape on it..factree. Zipties of course, summit and lmc built. Weight reduction engaged!

Grew up on a farm in SW ND, worked in a shop for a few years, and self taught. Did it all without a lift or a huge shop, did everything by myself.


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