1964 Chevy Malibu





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Came with wore out 2brl 305, swapped out mild 355.
Original powerglide
Disc brake conversion on front

Build story

Traded a 94 mustang gt for it, my dad had a 65 4 door Malibu that he had up until I was in high school. Repaired the rust and got er ready for paint in auto body and he sold it :( years later he passed from cancer and I bought mustang with some of the life insurance.
Years later see a friend post on the Facebook he dug this beauty outta his dads back yard and a guy just had to have it. Got it and a friend offered to juice up the motor with spare parts layin around, drive it to his house and starts leakin oil every where. So diggin a wrapped up motor out of a snowbank in the middle of winter, few sleepless nights and good friends later you have what you see today. Really is my dream car


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