1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 350 SBC

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo



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I trailered my 1972 Monte Carlo out of a 1 car garage where it had been sitting for 15 years according to the owner. He drove the car in college and had dreams of resorting it. I reality he ended up gutting the car and was going to use it for the dirt oval. When I got the car the trunk pan and supports were rotted, the quarters were flapping and the fenders had more filler in them then those Twinkie snacks. The interior was gutted and the other half hidden away and shoved in what was left of the trunk. For 3 years I saved up and worked. Buying each piece as I could. All the work was exclusively redone in my 2.5 car garage at home with tools I’ve acquired along the way. Paint, primer, body and metal work, headliner, and the rest of the interior all were massaged by me at home. The only exception was the raw welding and hanging of the quarter panels (didn’t want to mess up on the alignment there!!) i put everything I learned growing up in my dads garage into the workmanship of this car. It’s not perfect but when that SBC roars to life and that 3” exhausts rumbles out of the driveway I couldn’t have a bigger smile on my face. Being pulled over by strangers and having horns honked at the car in appreciation makes the 3 years of blood sweat and beers all worth it. This car is ready to travel anywhere it needs to to go to shows or the track. I hope my entry stands out! Thank you


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