1977 Chevrolet C10 Scottsdale Stepside




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LS Swapped 1977 Scottsdale! Donor was a 2000 4.8 Vortec with 258,886 miles! No options, crank windows, no keyless entry! Gas cap has a key/lock...that's factree! Rear end was spooled so it gets 2 wheel burnouts! There is a little weight reduction but that's what makes it good! a little rust never hurt no one, just ask Mr. Tetanus!

Build story

Rescued this 1977 Scottsdale from abandonment, swapped a 2000 Vortec 4.8 with nearly 259K miles, and now it's my daily driver! It runs like a brand new vehicle, I kid you not, starts right up no issues, no leaks, just a RUNNER! Best thing is you can take it to any dealer or auto mechanic shop and parts are cheap and available so I don't see why I can't put another 259K on it!

I get more people commenting about how much they love this truck at the gas station, people rolling down windows and talking to me about it at red lights, thumbs up non stop! It's a wonder why GM doesn't just make these things again! (Bring back the square body!)

Oh well, I'm pretty proud of it, credit to my good friend Joe Stack for doing most of the work, overall I believe the cost of this was just a shade under $2,000, that's donor vehicle ($500) and other misc. parts and original truck combined...so I don't know how much more of a budget build you can get than that.


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