1986 Chevrolet k20 Silverado





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2 “ lift swapped in a sm 465np205 in favor of the 700r np208. Step bars victory red gm color.

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I bought the truck 8 years ago and has been a driving work in progress. The auto trans came to me with the tv cable not hooked up and it got the trans. Bought two junk trucks and swapped in the manual. The truck got backed into by a skid steer at the sawmill I was doing weekend millwright work at. Caved in the front left fender. Took my other 86 junk truck and replaced the fender before I could afford to paint it and also swapped tailgate on. Mine was bent. The only metal not year model correct is the hood. It was bought new from lmc. Along with the trim minus tailgate trim and the upper cab corner trim. Silverado 20 emblems are not available anywhere that I’ve found so I hand re consigned them myself. And for fun I have model A magnetos under the hood and spark plugs in my tailpipes so I can “shoot fire” out my exhaust. Truck has factory 3.23 gearing and a stock sb 350 with edelbrock carb and intake. I use this truck for work and going wherever I want. It is my personal truck. It hauls cattle , small tractors and my tools. I purposely did not wash it because I actually use this truck. This is how it looks day in and out.


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