1992 chevy silverado 5.7l V8





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Edelbrock high-rise tbi intake and a front license plate

Build story

Okay so the owner before my dad bought the truck has pulled to motor out and got it rebuilt. Will a little after that happen he ended up losing control of it and spin out and hit a power pole. So after that he really ended up parking it in the back yard and it sat there for 1 year. Then my dad found it for sell and he bought it. When he got it home he replaced the bed and tried to get it running. He got it running but not for long the gas tank was rusted up really bad. My dad was gonna fix it up but never got around to it. He was old and had health issues. Then he ended up dieing like 7 years ago and then I moved in with my ant and uncle. Will it the. Sat in our patser for another 6 years. I then pulled it out put a new gass tank on it and got it running again. My goal with this truck is to get it back to its former glory and finish where my dad left off. This is the only memory I have left of him. I am 17 and put at least 2 grand of parts into it to keep her on the road. And thats not daddys money that my hard earn money that I work for. That’s all I have to say and I love watching yall revivals hopefully someday I can do what yall do and put the old cars and truck back on the road where they belong yall have a fantastic day and keep up the good work.


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