1972 Lincoln Continental Coupe





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Carter AFB 750 cfm carb, “custom” true dual exhaust with a pair of magnaflow mufflers, and a pair of glasspacks. Newer radio, extra gauges, plug wires, and gas tank.

Build story

My name is Cody, and this is the 1972 Lincoln Continental Coupe i’ve owned since my Junior year high school, so 4 years now. It belonged to my great-grandparents since the early 80s, and sat in their shed since the early 2000s. In 2017, my great-grandmother offered it to me, and i accepted, to the surprise of my dad. I couldn’t take time off school to go get it, so he brought it home for me. It needed a gas tank, fuel pump, and a few other small things to become roadworthy, but when it was, it was my daily driver. Hell, it still is. Since 2017 i’ve put a healthy 26k miles on it and loved every second. It’s been on a few 1,000+ mile road trips and is a great highway cruiser. Recently drove it from Albany, OR where I live to Azle, TX where I grew up. I’ve replaced the ball joints, control arm bushings, radiator, water pump, starter, and shocks to keep it on the road and reliable. I take it to as many car shows as I can, yet i’ve never seen another lincoln like it in person, and a few people have even tried to buy it. However, it’s not leaving me any time soon.


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