1948 Chevy COE




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1948 Chevy COE cab, On a 2001 ram chassis 2wd has a 1997 5.9 cummins and 5 speed. with a water to air inter cooler under the cab. The sifter is built with rod ends to move forward. I has 22.5 super singles and 22.5 steer tires. Trans has a new shaft and 5 gear/ nut. Alum radiator for that year pick up had to make mounts and reweld the top and bottom connections to line up with the cummins.

Build story

I plan to Build a Flat bed / Ramp truck with the COE. i dug it out of a junk yard on the edge of Montana and North Dakota. I was able to find 2 cabs and use them to make one pretty much complete cab. Ive been working on it the last 3-4 years. The floor and fire wall was pretty much gone and needed to be cut out to fit the engine. i finished them up last fall. The Cab corners and roof skin i replaced 2 years ago. The back seat is from a ext cab chevy fits perfect. The shifter that took some time and a few tries the transmission is about 22" to far behind the seat so i needed to move the shifter forward. Some rod ends and 20 hours it shifts great. The hydro booster ins under the drivers floor pan and it looks backwards. there was no room under the stubby hood for the Booster so it also uses rod ends to work. Clutch is hydraulic with just enough room under the hood to fit. I plan to build the dovetail bed and want to use semi air bags and some kinda 4 link so i can drop the bags and load with small or no ramps. Last fall it finally put the first 25 miles on it hopefully make it road ready this year.!


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