1967 Chevrolet Impala





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Custom front bumper
continental kit made with stock rear bumper
will have 6 59' Cadillac tail lights
lake pipes
cammed 350
3 speed manual
cruiser skirts
white wall tires

Build story

My dad bought this car from a junk yard in 1990, it was originally from Arizona, so it has no rust. My dad started fixing it up slowly over the years, engine rebuild and 3 speed manual trans swap was mainly what the car needed. But after lots of ideas from custom car magazines and drawings, he decided to go the custom route. Most customs you see are from the 40s-50s, very rounded shaped cars to begin with, but even though the body work he created is still a work in progress, I think he did a good job at creating a custom out of a late 60s car. The lines of the car are great, but he has lost interest in the project it seems. So thats where I come in (son) to finish it up. Body work will get finished, fender skirts re-shaped to have more of a profile so they are not as flat, needs all the brake lines ran and all 4 drums assembled. But the engine runs great, Edlebrock cam, intake, long tube headers, flat top pistons, 750cc quadrojet. Sounds mean but will have to clean the carb soon. Some people think its awesome, some people dont understand it, sometimes I feel like only my dad and I can imagine what it will look like when its finished. I plan on making YouTube videos with my progress @ All terrain TV. Thanks for reading.


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