1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo



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Well to start, look at that beautiful primer paint job. That’s everything you can get out of the $20 harbor freight electric spray gun. After those Shark spray booth guys told me it would be $3k to spray the car (a fella just does not have the budget), an orbital sander, and a few too many cold snacks, were drafted into service Now, we have a rough start.

You may notice on the rear drinkers corner, a fiber glasses bubble patch that’s as quality as they get. And a SS spoiler on the old man LS that really is there to add the 30 HPs. Also, look at those rear drums. Didn’t know until I got this rig what real performance was until you get a little sssst sssst back there with some red rattle cans.

Under the hood I wish somebody would tell me what all those plugs and fitting were for. But Mozzle add a few chrome pieces and a fuel filter that’s responsible for more car fires than ex-wives. Those valve covers and air filter gotta be worth another 20 ponies.

Got the twin pipes in there from that street walker company. Really steps up the sound of the original 305. One day one of the big brother 350’s will make it in the old girl. One of those photos you’ll see a short block and top end kit from the American made competitor of the sponsor of this here car show. No offense. That’s a great company too, but a fella’s on a budget and the Edsels got both the flags and the sales.

Inside she’s got some fine wiring and the fast and furious gauges that really get a guy feeling good about his rig. Also, gotta be worth a little more power.

The radio may be the cheapest a guy can find on that jungle website, but she can belt out those Highwaymen as good as you need.

That trunk may show a few other hints and tips for a fella. But I’ll leave it to you.

Build story

The mods portion is my best homage for a great channel. Thanks Derek.

This section, taking a little more serious note.

This project started shortly after I sold my 1974 Chevy Vega. That project was a whole other story, but tons of fun. Amazing how an entire car can be held together with Philips head screw’s and half inch bolts.

I bought this car as I had one back in high school that my father had actually crashed (bit of a flip of the normal story), but he had been a state police officer, and had been driving a 68 Buick LaSabre, and needed a more fuel efficient rig for commuting to work. I got the Buick, and then he cracked up the Monte, and took back the Buick. Such is life...

I bought this one from a great guy who has a electric motor rebuild shop. Really great guy, who was responsible for selling off the estate of a Vietnam Vet who was his close friend and had recently passed away. Apparently he was a big G Body fan, had a bunch of Monte’s, Cutlass’s, El Camino... it was a trip going through it with him.

Like all these cars, they have stories, so I have the pleasure of keeping this one going and on the road. I’ve also been amazed by how my 4 year old boy loves being around me while working on it. He is so engaged, so I’m thrilled to get the next gen into this great hobby. We have been having a great time with it. That first picture was him when he was about 3, and dragged up a step stool by himself without me knowing while I was replacing the headers. In one of those picture you’ll see his Lincoln Towncar pedal car. That’s his rig that he pretends to work on. So awesome.

This will be a long term project, with a great opportunity to learn and expand myself, but also pass this on to my boys. It’s a rolling project. I don’t expect it to every be glossy and clean, but a great platform for having fun, learning and teaching.

Thank you


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