1997 chevrolet s10 4.3 vortec v6




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Limited the speed to 30 km/h, made the bed smaller and put in some subwoofers. It has 31 inch tires on the stock 15 inch rims. And of course i have removed the muffler to make it sound better.

Build story

General info:
This is a type of car that only exists in Sweden and it is actually considered a tractor. This type of car is called A-traktor and is driven by 15 to 18 year olds because you cant drive a real car until you are 18 years old. But tanks to a &loophole& in the law you can drive a drive a tractor on your moped license and so we register cars as tractors. The drawbacks to this is that it only can go 30km/h, only have two seats and you cant have a full size bed on a truck and on normal cars (most commonly old volvos like the 740 and 940) you either have to cut them to make a bed like a truck or you have to put extra weight on the rear axle because 60% of the have to be on the rear axle or the car has to weigh over 2000kg.

My build:
When i bought it it had been sitting for around 5 years and because of that it was very rusty and was leaking transmission oil and coolant. The first thing i did was to repair the rust on the truck and there was a lot of it. Both the frame and body were rusted trough in multiple places. Then i replaced all of the brakes and rebuilt the alternator and put in a new radiator because the old one was leaking

When that was done i put in a wooden box in the back to block of the seats and put in two 12 inch subwoofers.
Then i put in the speed restrictions which is done electronically by a box that cuts power to the ignition coil and the speed is measured by a sensor that measures the rotation speed of the driveshaft. I had to make it tamper proof because a lot of people make these vehicle go faster. To make it tamper proof i used hydraulic hoses around all of the wires that had anything to do with the restriction. I also built a box around the coil. Then i made the bed smaller and then i was ready for the inspection.

My future plans for the build is to give it som new paint (OD green), a push bar, more lights and an exhaust cutout so i can make it less loud when there are cops nearby because the cops hate these things. I am also thinking about buying some new rims but well se what happens.

I am really proud of it because i did alost all of the work on it myself and paid for everything by myself.


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