1984 Chevrolet C10




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Used DJM drop spindles, oem coils slightly trimmed.
HD front brakes.
Jegs headers (they were cheap) & home made dual exhaust.
Home made C-Notch.
Unknown brand used flip kit.
I've got an LQ4/NV4500 in the garage I'd put in it if the 305 would stop being so dang reliable!

Build story

A vehicle with a history is a very powerful thing. It can be like a time capsule every time you open the door and hear that familiar creaking. This is my 1984 C10, and it's nothing special really, but I've got a long history with this truck. It's been around me since before I was even born. My grandfather bought it brand new. When I was young, it was the first vehicle I ever drove (spun the tires right away haha). I used to take it around a hay field, or trips to the gravel pit down the road. When I was about 14 or 15, (2010 ish) he sold it. I kept track of who owned it, where it was, what was happening to it. Then when I was about 21, I bought it basically sight unseen, after sitting in a barn for at least 4 years, got it running, changed a couple flat tires and drove it home. Over the last few years I've worked on it alot (although it doesn't really show looking at it) and tried to do it all on a budget. For example, when I bought it the front springs were cut way too short, to the point of being dangerous. I completely rebuilt the front end, but bought mostly used parts, and lowered it properly. Rear c-notch is home made and works well. I've attached a video from a couple years ago, I was waiting on a new fuel tank to show up but the snow had mostly melted and I just couldn't wait to drive it again, so I zip tied a gas jug to the fender! I even have the original receipt and warranty book from when my grandfather bought it (my grandparents kept all of their paperwork). I also know it was only driven ~500 kilometers while outside of my family. Since getting it, I've had it all over Atlantic Canada, and done all kinds of things with it. My dream is to do a roadtrip in the U.S. with it eventually. I guess this one's more about the story than the build itself, and it's a story that hopefully never has an ending.


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