2001 Chevy burban 2500




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Bumper that I had to fabricate to fit. Wheels bought second hand that are to big so I had to cut the and bash the inner fenders. Tow mirrors and side steps I got for free and a Hood off a Tahoe. Paints chipping everywhere. She mint ??

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This is Rocky, my daily it has a 6.0 lq4 and a 4l80e that slips more than a hooker on ice. He’s been broke into twice and almost stolen once. When I bought it it had bloods stains and multiple other ungodly fluids in the back so I ripped the carpet up and replaced it with vinyl and water pipe insulation as sound deadening. The bumper was held on with 2 bolts so it pivoted up and down. He sure is luxury though came with heated seats and little tv in the back. He’s a great campin rig. Got 250k miles and still going.


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