1975 Chevy K-20 Scottsdale




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Bored .030 over in 1989, 10.25-1 flat top propane pistons, RV cam, custom front hitch, belt driven air compressor, home made flat bed, bobbed frame.

Build story

My Dad did most of the mods himself while he was alive, we always just fabricated whatever we needed. All work except the body and paint were done by my family including fabricating the bed. Dad and a friend rebuilt the engine in 1989, my brother rebuilt the transmission twice in the 90's due to pulling heavy loads, the most it pulled across the scales with was 62,000lbs. and no, there were no brakes on the trailer. This was my son's driver last fall until we got his beater going so he had to learn how to do some work himself such as changing oil, power steering hose, rebuild the starter with parts from various cores we had, etc.


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