1977 Chevy Monte Carlo 350/350

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo



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All original except for the Chevy rally wheels, rear air shocks, and a shift kit in the TH350.

Build story

So one day I called up my dads best friend since high school (Barry) to build a transmission for my C10, we chatted for a bit then out of nowhere he says “hey how about you just have my old Monte Carlo? It has a good trans” I couldn’t believe it. It was his favorite car, he had had it since 1983. He and my dad went to high school together in the car and have endless stories to tell about it. He expected me to pull the drivetrain for something any put the transmission in my C10, the car had sat since 1993 since life had gotten in the way. He gave it to me in July of 2019 and didn’t expect to see it again. I had it running smooth as glass that evening. After all brakes and tune up parts were replaced it drove like a brand new car, with all power features including the moon top still functioning. I did this all at the age of 18 and drive the car nearly daily. The old photo is the car in the mid 80s still in its prime. The last photo is Barry back behind the wheel of his high school ride, his favorite car, and he was absolutely speechless.


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