1947 Chevy 3100




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235 Straight Six from a 57 Chevy Bel Air
Carburetor from a 70s model Ford Truck
Replaced the draft tube with a freeze plug PCV valve
Alternator instead of generator
T5 transmission from a 95 S10 pickup
Just picked up a rear end from an 03 ZR2 Blazer...should fit kinda
Front disc brake conversion, important when it is on blocks with no rear end

Build story

January 2020 bought this 1947 Chevy 3100 pickup from my uncle in the middle of Texas. He was getting ready to move to one of the Virginias soon and didnt want to trailer it that far. So, my wife and I trailered it in mid January through an ice storm from middle Texas to Southern Illinois, that was fun. On the way home the doors wouldnt stay shut and we would constantly have to stop to shut the doors and try to tie them down better. Never worked, so we called him Eagle cuz he just wanted to spread his wings and fly. Got it home and immediately began tearing all of the body panels off to store in my wet basement. Painted the engine before I even tried to get it running cuz that just makes em feel better and guess what? Got the engine running after finding out that timing was 180 out, purred like a kitten as the Rochester carb dumped more fuel onto the manifolds than into the intake. So, I found a single barrel Carter from a 70s model Ford pickup, threw that on there and it runs flawlessly! Sounds like an old Singer sewing machine. Anyway, have been modifying my leaky basement for the past 6 months or so, complete with sealed media blasting room and sealed paint booth. Going to get started real soon on the body work...not looking forward to that at all other than those sweet paint fumes. Still dont have a rolling chassis but slowly working on it, should have it finished in about 26 years.


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