1969 LT4 Camaro


Widebody 1969 LT4 Camaro





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Mocking up the front end.
Testing wheel fitment.
Engine and drivetrain in place.


2018 LT4 dry sump engine.
early C6 torque tube.
2018 Z06 TR6070 seven speed manual transmission.
late C6 Z06 differential.
C6 Corvette front and rear suspension.

Build story

I bought this car 10 years ago.
I only drove it for one summer before I decided to swap the engine out for an LS2.
The scope changed quickly and soon I sold off the 1996 LT1, T56, Ford 9”, front suspension and sheet metal.
This made room for the current setup.
A 2018 LT4 dry sump engine from a Z06. An early C6 torque tube, a 2018 Z06 TR6070 seven speed manual transmission and a late C6 Z06 differential.
The suspension was upgraded to C6 corvette front and rear.
Brakes are going to be Z51 to start because that’s what I have but I will upgrade when the budget allows.
Map of location
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