68 crew cab chevy





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24v for mock-up
First fitment
Sun roof donor
Tube steel rocker/ rock slider
Getting cab tacced
In with the new frame
Out with the old frame
Some cardboard aided design for charge air cooler
Interstage cooler
Heat exchanger for air to water cooler
Cooling stack


This project started with two main vehicles and a lot of small parts and pieces from others . The main body is a 1968 suburban cut behind the rear doors with a pickup cab welded to it to make a crew cab. The frame is a 2003 2500hd Chevy crew cab short box. It has a 6bt cummins with compound turbochargers hx35/ht3b with a possibility of a borg Warner s475. It has interstage cooling between atmospheric and secondary turbo then a duramax intercooler after that. A Hamilton 178-208 camshaft, Hamilton 165# valve springs and retainers, fluiddampr harmonic balancer, adjustable timing gear, gear driven air compressor, steed speed manifold, arp head studs, and several other small mods. The interior is out of a 2016 Silverado ltz. I have a nv4500 as a transmission for now but I am looking to get a g56 for it instead. I have traction bars for the rear axle.

Build story

I this project started with me wanting a 3/4 ton truck for moving my boats and gathering projects so I didn’t have to use my friends anymore. I went looking for trucks and found that any of the ones I wanted were priced way to high for me. So I decided I might as well build what I wanted instead I found a frame on Facebook marketplace and I already had the suburban and I decided I might as well build what I want how I wanted.


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