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Most recent photo with the 12,000# Ramsey Winch installed under "the front porch".
Ethyl, earning her keep on a trip to the feed store.
Quite possibly my favorite pic (so far), on the old bridge coming from Purdy, OK.
A night out with the girls, at the Winchester Drive-In movies in OKC.
Sunrise at Pop's in Arcadia, OK on Route 66.


2nd Gen Dodge 4wd chassis, with 11 1/4" removed from the middle to correct the wheelbase. Powertrain moved back 3". 10ga steel plate bed floor coated in Monstaliner to resemble wood, with stainless steel bed strips installed, concealing hidden gooseneck hitch. 1999 Dodge 5.9L Magnum V8 (cammed), running MPFI on a modded kegger intake manifold.

The seats came from a 2 door XJ Cherokee, so they fold forward to access storage behind them. The fuel tank is from a shortbed 2nd Gen Dodge pickup, as the longbed's 35 gallon tank interfered with the drivetrain after it was moved back 3". The 26 gallon tank is mounted in the stock location, and is filled through a door (1978 F150), grafted into the driver's side stepside fender.

Build story

Ethyl was saved from a steel recycling yard in Phoenix, AZ in 1995. She had been sold as scrap steel as a rolling shell, but the yard owner obtained a title. $1500 later, and a tow dolly ride home later, the next chapter in her life began. Plans for a stock appearing hot rod came together with a punchy little 350 V8 under the hood showed that the 1957 suspension technology wasn't up to par for daily driving in the modern world.

After much contemplation, the original frame was cut and a Camaro subframe was installed. The steering and suspension issues were resolved and the ride was significantly improved, but I never wanted a low rider and now Ethyl's front bumper was 8" off the ground.

I remembered a classmate who daily drove a 1958 NAPCO to school and realized that was the look I wanted to recreate. Not wanting to follow the herd with mid-70s K-truck chassis swaps, I elected to use a 2nd Gen Dodge 4wd chassis to take advantage of the coil spring front suspension for improved ride quality. In keeping with the NAPCO theme, I had planned on using the drivetrain from a 1995 XJ Cherokee, as the Chevy NAPCOs in 1957 came with an inline six cylinder engine. My wife, knowing me all too well, pointed out that the donor truck that provided the Dodge chassis, came with a V8, and "wouldn't you be much happier with that?"

Even though I had the built SBC 350, I didn't have a 700R4 transmission or driver's side drop (NP241C) GM transfer case on hand, so I ended up using the Dodge drivetrain, with the 46RH transmission and NP231D transfer case. I even kept the Dodge steering column for the multi-function switch to control the dimming, turn signals, cruise control buttons, etc.

The Dodge frame needed 11 1/4" removed from the middle to match the Chevy's wheelbase. I did this in the driveway using an assortment of square tube, scissor jacks, a level, framer's square and a plumb bob to shorten the frame and fabricate the body mounts, using a jig I built from the original 1957 Chevy frame.
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