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1976 pontiac trans am





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June 2022 (dunnville ontario)
first time back on the road since 2013.
September 2022 mechanical fuel pump died fixed it roadkill style on side of road with a electrical pump from napa
September 2022 mechanical fuel pump died. 2 guys stopped and helped me fix it roadkill style on side of road with a electrical pump from napa
May 2022 
new wheels and tires to in order drive car first time since 2013
2018 bodywork
May 2023 first start up after putting fresh gas in the take after winter storage
2018 painting door jambs
June 2018 Door jambs painted
My trans am with other car which was a my daily driver 2009 pontiac g8 gt. I still own it just dont daily it because of gas prices and my long commute since I moved in 2019.
before bodywork started car was originally white.
March 2010 Engine installed after rebuild
March 2010 Engine installed ready for cam break in
Feburary 2010 engine and trans out
Feburary 2010 in the shop engine and trans pulled
October 2009 when I first brought it home


Hotchkis lowering springs and subframe connectors. Comp cams camshaft ( will update with cam specs)
Edelbrock intake and carb. Rebuilt Engine bored .60 over with flattop pistons. Th350 trans rebuilt with higher stall converter and shift kit.

Build story

1976 pontiac trans am
Bought it in October 2009. Rebuilt the pontiac 400 engine and th350 transmission. Installed Hotchkis lowering suspension and subframe connectors.

Started Doing body and paint work in 2013 car was in peices in a garage for 9 years put it back on the road in 2022. Car is in primer and door jambs were painted hugger orange (carousel red) single stage.
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