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Completed bare metal
A little body filler never hurt anyone!
Box in primer
Primered an ready foe paint
Fenders, Gloss black!  was supposed to be flat black, paint shop gave me the wrong paint.
Final assembly
Box is all pretty
Cruising on the pond, Baden On
End of one life, beginning of a new one.
Notice the english wheel!  I built it too...
I did the fenders in smaller pieces,  my first time, I didn't think I could do them in one piece.


Custom body metal work.

Build story

PT Cruiser with body mods to become a pickup. All original drivetrain and suspension left intact, Unibody fortified with body stiffeners. Metal work is hand built custom.
Started build in 2013, finished in 2016. Was a daily driver for a few summers, Has been to shows all over Ontario and even Hot Rod Power Tour 2019.
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