Subaru BRAT





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4in lift
Redrilled hubs with Toyota steel wheels
EJ22 swap
Dual range 5 speed swap
WRX seats

Build story

I bought a 1982 Subaru BRAT probably 15 years ago (way back in 07)
After owning it a few years I performed a 4 inch body lift and an engine swap in my sisters garage. The hubs needed to be modified to fit a larger wheel and tire package so they were converted to 6 lug and a set of stock Toyota wheels were sourced to fit bigger than 13in tires.
The engine came out of a decade newer model and the transmission came from a slightly newer than 82 vehicle. Converting from a carbureted pushrod engine to a ohc fuel injected proved to be a challenge but with the old school Subaru community I was able to get it to run and operate. Still needs some work but it’s an ongoing project