Ol' Red





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Sitting pretty at a car show.
Putting the new holley sniper on. Yay for reliability
First drive after the paint job.
Mmmmm. New and shiny parts
Out with the old headlights, in with projectors and integrated turn signals
Basking in a job well done
Before picture with the carb
bed going back on the truck after the paint job was done.


Holley sniper 2300, headlights, wheels, tires, R134 A/C conversion, projector headlights and LED turn signals

Build story

My parents bought this truck new in 1986 after they got married. My dad also built a homemade trailer that was the exact axle width as the truck so we could all pile in the truck with him and my older brother in the front seat and my mom and I in the bed with my car-seat being held down with an "eye bolt" going through the bed floor and my mother laying down beside me. The 90's were a wild time looking back. The trailer and truck made many trips to the Sierra Nevada mountain range for camping excursions. Between sitting in the California sun and moving to Arkansas and raising two boys the truck fell by the wayside and the paint showed its age as well. It briefly got revitalized when my older brother drove it all through high-school and then it sat for five years. I got the truck and drove it two years until the head gasket blew after 300k+ miles of faithful service to the family. Then it sat for another year until my father gave me the option of either getting a dependable used vehicle or getting the engine rebuilt. I chose the latter. We got the engine rebuilt but there were some machining errors that caused it to have piston slap for 1200 miles until it finally broke a skirt off. Between me getting a new job and other life events, it sat again until I could muster up the courage to rebuild an engine myself. Now with 15k on the engine that I built, its going strong and a fun truck to drive around town and it always strikes up conversations at gas stations or grocery stores.

Fuel System

Holley Sniper 2300
Map of location
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