1941 chevy coupe 216 ci inline 6





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Build story

Me and my grandfather built this car from the ground up I do not have any pics of the first years of the build as of right now first my grand father found this car on a back road in Pennsylvania and said I have to have it so we went and found the owner of the car gave him a offer and he accepts it so we loaded it up on the trailer and hook it home started to rip it apart and I wanted to me make it a gasser set up kinda car he wanted it to be as original as I could be so that's what we did it took us about 4 years to be able to get the car to were it was runnable because we didn't have money or other parts this is back in early 2010 so we got the car road worthy so we could take it to shows so by 2011 i had my drivers license and i was in ohio driving around the back roads and I found 3 41 chevys in a back yard so I go to the house and talk to owner and i ask him about the cars the guy goes back in the house and comes back with a shotgun and asked me nicely to leave before he shoots me so I left a couple years go by and i went by the house and noticed the house was for sale so I stoped again and knocked on the door and a younger women answer the door I told her i had stoped a few years back and asked about the cars and was chased off the property she said yea that was my dad I'm sorry about that so I asked about the cars she said if you want them you can have em i said sure thing went back and grabed all the cars and we used them all for parts and made our car almost all original got all chrome on the car made the car look sharp and won a few shows with it so in July of 2016 grandpa was driving the car back and got hit head on ruining the car got the car back from the insurance company and started rebuilding the car again well right before we got the done he died in January of 2017 then the car sat outside because of my aunt's needed the garage to use the lift and stuff so I offered to by the car and immediately got kickd off of the property yes I was banned from the homestead because of this car the to them was junk but my pride and joy so I in 2019 I talked to my mother and asked if I could please begged to buy the car and I finally got the car for what they wanted and now I got the car almost all done now just waiting for this covid 19 to get done so i can finish the paperwork


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