1968 Chevrolet Corvette with Cummins Diesel





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Several. 1998 Cummins 12v 180hp p pump with 5k GSK's, custom 5x.018 injectors, big DV's, bored .040 over, fly cut pistons, fully ported head, o ringed block, studded head, compound turbos, balanced bottom end, billet freeze plugs, tapper cover, and front cover. Adjustable pump gear, Hamilton 188/215 cam, comp valve springs, titanium locks and retainers, ATI Super damper, nitrous if needed, built 47 RH with DPC triple billet converter, ProDiesel torque converter, Goerend billet parts and TCS Billet input. Ford 9" rear with Moser 35 spline axles, Strange center section with spool and 3.50 gears. 31x18.5x15 tires on convo pro wheels. Floor is aluminum with a steel structure. Tilt front end and currently it has an intercooler in front of the radiator. It had a custom built Airdog lift pump feeding the p pump.

Build story

The car was rear ended and totalled when I bought it out of a scrap yard. I traded my 72 RS Camaro roller for Corvette parts to piece the Vette together. It first had a 396 with a tunnel ram and 2 660 center squirted carbs with a high lift solid cam making 550hp. It had a TH400 with a 3500 stall, Erson gear drive and chrome side pipes and headers. At the time i was doing diesel conversions and at a shop get together we had a guy bet us a Cummins couldn't be put I'm the Corvette so it was on. It was ironic because at the time I was racing my daily driver F350 with the NHRDA so I built this car to run in their Pro Stock class. We were testing it in the fall of 09 racing it the spring of 10. The car is currently being swapped over to be more street friendly. The Hoosier quick times are no fun in rain etc lol


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