1986 Chevrolet El Camino


El Camino



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-Eagle Racing Torq Thrust rims\r
-Auburn posi unit with Yukon 3:73 ring and pinion\r
- In the process of swapping in a 350-400hp small block 350\r
-Minor touches to the interior like a billet steering wheel, billet colum shifter and wheel tilt, and new head unit with speakers behind the seats\r
-A billet grille and a badass two tone blue and silver paint job

Build story

This is my first car, im 21 and purchased this car when i was 14 before I could drive. I saved up money as I could to get it painted and add some parts to the 305 that came in it, along with a set of rims. I finally got it on the road last year and daily drove it until the winter. Over the winter I sent a small block 350 to the machine shop to get fully build and also began building a posi rear end. Once I get the new engine and rear end in it will once again be my daily driver. I love this car with a passion, growing up my father built his pro street 85 El Camino and from then on I always loved them and dreamed of having one so for me to now own one and have been able to put that time and money into it to make it what it is today is a dream come true.


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