1987 Chevy Camaro





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Put in a new pioneer stereo, speakers and sub, replaced the stock wheels with black Iroc wheels, put on a flow master muffler and replaced the heater core after it blew up on me 5 miles after buying the fucker

Build story

I always wanted to have a third gen Camaro since they’re cheap, fun, and slow enough that I could convince my parents that it would be a perfect car to let a high schooler buy, so I trashed my old car so that they’d let me go out and buy another one and came home with a Camaro. Broke down on the ride home from buying it, about 60 miles away from my house, in the rain, and on the first time I’d ever driven a Manual, but it hasn’t left me stranded since then. I’ve kept it mostly factory other than a new stereo, a set of black Iroc wheels (which was a factory option mine didn’t have) and a flow master muffler to let those 200 ish angry ponies breath better. Other than that I’ve pretty much just been working on the car just trying to get it to be a clean, fun, and reliable daily driver


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