1994 Chevy K1500 6.0LS




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6" pro comp lift \r
06 6.0 LS with stage 3 BTR cam and custom tuning\r
NV 4500 transmission

Build story

Well it all started with replacing the old tired, oil burning 350 with a 350 crate engine and that's where that idea ended. I found a doner truck with a blown transmission for 800 bucks and I entered the LS lifestyle. As I pulled off rusty body panels I figured I might as well replace them with new ones and well then I had to paint them to match so the whole truck got a fresh coat of paint. After I refreshed the engine and had it running I realized the drivetrain was also too tired for the horsepower increase so in goes a nice rebuilt NV4500, rear locker and refreshed front and rear diffs. I'm sure you'll see alot nicer and more rare rigs but this thing sure do turn heads. Oh and I almost forgot this was all built while planning a wedding that If I spent much more time and money on "our" project probably wouldn't of went ahead haha


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