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We are a DIY Automotive YouTube channel building custom vehicles, performance product installations and features. With over 160k subscribers and 1.7m monthly views from die hard wrench turners, DEBOSS GARAGE takes pride in featuring businesses we love, and using products that prove themselves. We understand that relationships are built on trust, and that's why we are dedicated to earning the trust of our viewers. 

With advertisers abandoning traditional 30 second TV ads or expensive marketing campaigns that get skipped and blocked on social platforms and browsers, our vision for the future of advertising is immersive brand storytelling. It's not enough to have a logo strategically placed anymore, or a scripted ad that breaks the experience for the viewer. Here are some examples of brand-sponsored content that sets a new standard for influencer marketing.

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UNIQUE Sponsorship Opportunity

DEBOSS GARAGE is currently offering sponsorship tiers for our latest project: an Audi Quattro race car to compete in the annual YouTube Project Car Challenge taking place in Spring 2019. Partner with us on the project and give our audience something truly unique, something that brings your story into our mix.