Show us your project | Deboss Garage

Show us your project

We’re looking for interesting swaps, oddball classics and custom builds that you can tell us all about while we take it for a drive. Tell us what you’ve got, where you live, and if we are in your area we’ll be in touch!

We try to organize our meetups with you guys in mind so even if we are unable to feature your build on the channel, there might be a car meet in your area in the future.

Tell us about your ride

  • Please note: We do not follow up with submissions right away. But don’t worry! You will be added to our map so we know to give you a heads up (as much as possible) if we are ever going to be close to your area and scheduling allows a meetup.
  • Large files may take a minute, please be patient.
  • ie. link to imgur album
  • Our goal is to drive the vehicles we feature on the show and that they are reasonably safe to operate.